12 January 2007

Film, anyone?

This is a call out to the blogosphere for some help. I need some recommendations for films. For two of my classes this term I have the pleasure of writing an assignment on a film. For one course, I need to review a historical documentary. For the other, the film has to have something to do with museums.

I like film (it is one field that I might enter following the completion of my Master's), and therefore want to watch some quality films for this project.

So, any suggestions?

I should, I suppose, qualify "quality." By this term, and it is completely subjective, I mean a thoughtful, insightful, entertaining, amusing, or otherwise intelligent film. Its A Wonderful Life, is an example. Night at the Museum, is not. The Five Obstructions is a good documentary, whereas some might argue that The Valour and the Horror (don't miss all three parts), is not. American Psycho, on the other hand, is a great film, but Speed isn't.

Speaking of American Psycho, I always thought Christian Bale reminded me of someone, and a recent news item clarified it for me. My fiancée disagrees (in part, I know, because she loves this guy), but I think Christian Bale and David Beckham could be brothers.

Am I way off?


Carling Marshall said...

Hi Bryan,

I was looking for a documentary review film as well and I found a lot in the London Public Library collection on DVD.


bryan andrachuk said...

Thanks, Carling. I will check it out.