06 November 2006

Blog Counselling

Ah, blog; why do you avoid me? A better question, you might ask of me, oh blog, is why do I neglect thee? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I fear for the repercussions to my reputation as an historian. Of course, that would just be bogus, as blogging is a requirement in two of my classes. I cannot consent, then, to using that excuse for my obscenely long absence from the blogosphere.

I suppose I could attribute the breakdown in our relationship, blog, to the fact that I am exceptionally gifted in the procrastination department. While my classmates have been busy providing dazzling intellectual insights into the worlds of digital and public history, I have been roaming the web, spider-less, looking for the elusive perfect watch. Procrastination, however, is not the reason we are growing apart, dearest blog. But we can talk about my procrastination later; there is still one other thing that I need to address here.

Blog, I have realized that I need to get over my current mindset that prevents me from posting anything but what, to my mind, is a perfect post. I have not, as my classmate Kevin has, suffered from writer’s block. I have over a dozen topics upon which I have written lengthy semi-posts. I took notice when Bill told our Digital History class that we need to demonstrate that we are doing our work by blogging about it more than some of us have been. I noticed he looked at me cross-wise. I take the hint.

Blog, I know that together, we can work this out. Alan told me so.


William J. Turkel said...

It probably isn't at all helpful, but I used to have one of these bad boys.

Kelly Lewis said...

I feel your pain. When nothing less than the perfect post will do. Sometimes you just have to aspire to mediocrity. I find humour helps(you know, like Paris Hilton and the sexy apple corer). By the way, nice watch Bill. I used to have a little Yoda figurine back in the days when I thought I would marry Han Solo! Now this is procrastination!